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  • 10 Hours of Content Driven Workshops divided into 9 manageable online lessons
  • ​Max Bid Calculator.
  • ​Ideal Auction Pack & Concerns Template.
  • ​Auction Legal Pack Breakdown & Guidance Template.
  • ​Case Studies & Deal Clinic Video Library.
  • ​7 Lesser Known Profitable Auction Strategies.
  • ​London Auctioneer Dossier.
  • ​How to Buy Like a Pro Template.
  • ​Red Flags Document.
  • ​14-day Free Trial of EIG. 
  • ​Course Workbook PDF. 
  • ​30-min Financial Strength Review with Trinity Finance. 

Learn how to use auctions to make profits, grow your portfolio and avoid costly mistakes

With 5 auction experts and the authors of
"Before The Hammer Falls - The Insider's Guide to Property Auction Success"

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